Leadership Lessons from Ezekiel

I started reading Ezekiel today. I thought I might share some of the insights I got from it this morning. Get your Bible and read for yourself Ez 1 - 3 (or go to Biblegateway.com and read it there)

Ez 1) Before God imparts His vision, there is always a manifest presence of God.
That manifest presence is like nothing before or since, but that doesn't keep you from additional experiences of equal or greater value.
Leaders are chosen because they can learn how to lead.
God will present Himself at times in such a way that either you will believe He is god or that your crazy.

Ez 2) Calling is given, not chosen.
That calling always includes the mission.
God choses who, what, when, where and how.
The calling/mission humbles, challenges, places you in harms way, and is sacrificial.
It requires faithfulness in the face of rejection.
There is no room for selfishness in ones calling/mission.

Ez 3) The mission and vision is stunning and will leave you stunned.
God will give you time to process it all.
God always impresses the value of your vision and mission - it's called responsibility.
Success is defined as doing His will, He already knows what the results will be.