Forum Day 3

Andy Stanley - Pastor North Point Ministries -

Vision is a mental picture of what could be or should be.

Nature of vision - it’s always leaking out or it’s hard to stick.

Growth makes an organization dumb and ineffective.

Success is a enemy of vision.

Talent follows vision
Resources follow vision
Leaders follow vision

If you don’t make your vision stick, someone else with clarity will invoke their vision.

You have to hit emotions.

We have a solution to a problem,

present vision as a solution to a problem

offer a solution

Your vision is a solution

Why now?

Keep recasting the vision

Life is hard on vision

Pick a strategic time to cast vision with the rhythm of the organization.

When you see someone getting vision right. Celebrate it!

Ask people: What did you do that you think is successful?

People need to see you embrace your vision.

Find way to make it known.

Publicly embrace what you cast as vision.

Small groups ministry is a lifestyle.

At the end of the day you are responsible to make vision of the organization known.

Kay Warren - Wife of Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Church and she has authored Dangerous Surrender.

Mark 8:34
Dangerously Surrender - I love myself to much, more than anyone else. We are addicted to ourselves.

We have a fear that if we surrender to God, He will throw the other shoe at us. We doubt Him.

Seriously Disturbed - Jesus left heaven because he was seriously disturbed about our condition.

What is disturbing you in this world?

What are you willing to die for?

Gloriously Ruined (for God) Be ruined for eternal value.

Jesus preach and upside down kingdom. The most important people are the poor, sick and hopeless. The least, last and lost.

Wayne Corderior - Pastor New Hope Christian Fellowship - In my opinion, this guy was the best speaker of the whole conference.

Ez 48:9 - Don’t leave the way you came.

Tomorrows church will become what we are today.

God is asking us to run anchor for His team, these are the last days.

You really don’t have what it takes.

Not all leadership is created equal.

CONTROL LEADERSHIP - Earmarked by anger, force, moody, negative, threats, and favoritism. This results in foolishness. (The more you refine this style of leadership the harder it is to recognize.)

CORPORATE LEADERSHIP - Better profit margins, best practices. Rewards and salary, Reaching goals, This results in the love of Mammon. The use of money that runs everything you do.

CHARACTER LEADERSHIP - Trust, honesty, teamwork, camaraderie, fulfillment affirmation. This isn’t enough to transform the human heart.

CHRISTLIKE LEADERSHIP - See beyond what is seen. Hear beyond what is being said. Operation in the gifts. Sense the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Everyone is in full-time ministry. You don’t have what it take to do level 4. You don’t have the wisdom to become what you want to be.

Wisdom comes from personal experience
Wisdom comes from someone else's personal experience.

Amos 8:11 “Break a famine” Teach people to feed themselves or they will become codependent on you.

Jeb Bush - 43rd Governor of the State of Florida -

Leaders take risks - There is no such thing as status quo. If you don’t take risks, you will decline.

1 - Leaders need to ask “Why not?”
2 - Power of BHAG. Big Hairy Audacious Goals. They create vision. Always use bench marks to know if you are reaching your goals.
3 - Leaders really stick with it.
4 - Leaders need to communicate well because most people watch you with their peripheral vision.
5 - Leaders have a servants heart.
6 - Open for a chance for other to do other things.
7 - Leaders need to say what they are going to do then do it. It is a sign of respect to the team.