and I pray

I humble myself before you my Lord and my God as an act of worship from my heart.

I seek you with all my heart, soul and spirit - not for the things you have already provided, but for the presence of your Holy Spirit upon me.

I set aside my will, that yours be done in and through me everyday. I am not perfect and I am desperate for your help.

Share your wisdom and heart with me that I may honor you all the days of my life.

Protect me, my family and your church from the enemies schemes and plans against us. Don't allow Him to dictate the direction of our lives or our future. Forgive me of my selfish ways and help me to put the sinful man to death everyday.

Open the eyes of my heart Lord and let me see your vision and will. Allow me to see what is possible if I will just trust you. Restore to me the joy of my salvation again.

With a broken spirit and contrite heart I lift up the name of Jesus above every authority.

My heart is broken when I look at this world Lord. Use me to reach them with your good news. Allow me the honor of leading just one more soul to You, that they will place their faith in You.

May the victory from your resurrection become my victory. May the power you changed this world become my power. May your compassion be mine and may I love others as you have loved them.

To you be the honor and glory forever - Amen