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This is cute

I found this through another blog. This is a 2 year old singing the Lords Prayer. You're going to love this. Click Here

So . . .

So, someone donated a guitar to the church yesterday and while we are checking it out we turn around and see this.

Meet Your New Logo!

Meet our new logo for FFWC! For those of you who were rooting for the "praise guy" - don't worry, you will see him show up too.

Mapp Road Clean Up Day!

Here are some pics from todays clean up! Thanks to everyone! You did such a great job!

Buying a printer?

I had an interesting conversation with a HP printer rep. the other day. I was to say, a little bit more than ticked about the printer manf. putting the compatible ink cartridges out of business. He was honest when he said, "Hey! We are in this to make money!" Then I told him that I thought that most manf. of printers were beginning to decrease the amount of ink in there print cartridges now they don't have any competition. He said that is probably true, but that kind of business move is stupid. Then I told him that I was upset over the fact that even when you try to buy ink in bulk, it's no different than when you buy the carts. in individual packs. That's when he guess what kind of printer I use. So after a few minutes he thought about it and said. Ok, pay attention. A) Never buy the cheapest printer on the shelf. They are designed to use more ink and make you go back to the store more often. B) Always pick a printer head system that cleans itself by s

End of the week reflections

This picture pretty much explains my week. After Easter and Sectional Council I am despretely trying to catch up on emails and sleep. So here are a few things I have learned. 1. Never read the book of Ezekiel after having a tough week. Depressing and exhausting don't mix. 2. We don't know how to vote. Check out the results for our online poll about the church logo at 3. Don Ramons has a resturant in Jupiter. Now when I go down there I have some place to eat. 4. Many of our pastors and missionaries are packin heat! Don't ask how I found that one out. 5. Our District Secretary, Steve Powell, is a lot more animated now that he quit drinking coffee. I just wish he came with a remote control. 6. A mouse use to live here at the church. Jesus is now explaining to him why it was unwise to run between my feet. 7. And this video is really, really funny!

Sectional Council Follow Up

Yesterday was Section Council for the West Palm Beach Area. There the ministers of the Assemblies of God were treated to a review of current and future opportunities to minister and be ministered to. Here are a few highlights. - Masterpiece Gardens will begin construction on a facility that will house up to 150 people (with small meeting rooms) for camping activity. - Our new Women's Ministries Director Marsha Wooley was there to introduce herself to the ministers. She is a fireball, I'm going to try to get her to preach here soon. - Our missions emphasis this year is India. For $7,000 we can build one church in India. Their goal is to build 25,000 churches in the next 10 years. Even our kids can take on this project as a BGMC project for this year. - The All Church Ministries Convention will be in September this year. So begin making plans now to attend. - Adult ministries (50+) will be holding a regional conference this year in Miami. If any of these things peak your

It's Official!

We can't vote. How in the world, after 18 days of voting could we come to a tie? The church logo voting is in a dead heat with the need of a tie breaker. So, we here in the land of hanging chads and where Democrats don't count (hey they did it to themselves), are going to do this again - until midnight tonight. Call someone, anyone you know to vote. We need a logo!!

Sectional Council

Sectional Council is a biannual event when the ministers of our section gather to conduct business and meet with various leaders of our Districts fellowship. I'll get back to you later this afternoon with a report and todays posting. If you didn't check out yesterdays postings, there are 4 new posts for you to review. God Bless and have a wonderful day!

Global Warming

This is funny considering the source. The link will take you to NPR where you will read how 3,000 oceanic robots have reported no increase in the tempretures of our oceans for the last 4 or 5 years. Now to understand how global warming works, when the oceans get hotter they release heat. This is called El Nino and that is what makes the earth warmer. Execpt the oceans haven't been getting warmer, in fact, they are a little cooler. I am would like to see Al Gore explain this one. Click here

Muslims and Easter

I found this article very interesting. You will not hear this on the nightly news. Click Here

Ezekiels Ministry

I am 24 chapters into Ezekiels ministry and I am thinking, "Wow, this was depressing." All he had to deliver was bad news and even then few people took him seriously. Also, I was thinking, why did God do this? Why did He bring judgement upon Jerusalem and Israel, placing them in Babylon as He did? Now I know the knowledgeable answers to those questions, but still. Why this way? Why then? Why? Then it hit me. If God didn't do something, the promise He had made to anyone who would follow the law of Moses would become a lie. The people said they still believed in God, they still honored the law of God (up to a point), they still went to the temple, said their prayers and offered sacrifices. However, they did it for the wrong reasons. Two things really strike me here. #1 God is long on patience. I'm thinking that the ability for the Law to change peoples lives had long passed away. But the Lord really did love His people and I know that He would have forgiven

The Lord Reigns

I just got this album yesterday in prerelease. It will not be available until April sometime. However, it came with a split track, so we can sing some of the music in worship. You can listen to a few of the songs here. Listen and let me know what you think? I especially like The Lord Reigns. Hey? Have you voted for your logo yet?

Out From Under My Rock

Wow! Was yesterday a great day! But it took everything out of me. Been walking around in a haze most of the day. Anneaks loving it, I say yes to pretty much anything. Have you voted for your favorite logo yet? Go to and click on the link to vote. Voting closes Wednesday. I don't want a recount! If you responded to Sundays challenge of faith, please let us know. We have some materials that we would like to place in your hands. So email, call, visit - whatever! Let us know!!!

This Sunday

Here are some pics from this Sundays service. Also I hear that there may be a video too. If I can I'll post it later. Enjoy

What A Sunday!

The kids did a great job presenting "Hey, Jesus Loves Me!" and Kim did an outstanding solo on "When I Think About The Lord." Betty's "Watch The Lamb" was as powerful as ever and approx. 10 - 12 people entrusted their faith to Jesus this morning!. We had 65 in attendance and welcomed a number of new people to the service today. By the way, we don't have to ever celebrated Easter this early ever again. It will not happen for another 200 years or so. Praise God!! Check back later. Apparently Tina was taking pics again and I will post some more from this mornings service a little later today. But for right now, fasting is over and I am going to go eat a side of beef and a whole pie. Alright, something meaty and a slice of pie, but it's going to be goooooooood!!

Easter Sunday!

OK, #1 pray like crazy! People are coming to tomorrows service! Pray that all goes well and God gets the glory for it all! #2 Don't forget to vote for your favorite church logo. Then here are some shots from this mornings practice. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. Thanks tina for the great pics.

What a Movie!

We just finished watching the Passion of the Christ a little while ago. 3 people gave their lives to Jesus this evening! Praise God! What an intense movie and protrayal of the crucifixion. When you really see what Jesus did out of love for us, it really realigns your life with Him. Looking forward to Sunday. It's going to be a great day!!

Ezekiel Again

I'm reading in Ezekiel again and saw something that I had never seen before. In Ez. 17 - 19 you can clearly see signs marking the end of time. As for Israel, the end of life, as they knew it, was about to come to an end. They felt that because they were God's chosen people, that they had been spared destruction from invading armies for hundreds of years, because they "worshipped" God at the temple, therefore, they were better than everyone else and deserved to live the unholy life they lived. Here is what I noticed. - As long as you're a little bit holy and acknowledge God, you can be a little bit unholy and do as you please. - Unholy leaders will be removed in an unholy and publicly embarrassing way. - Holy leaders will be branded as traitors and dismissed as ignorant. - Truth isn't absolute. - New Age religion (FYI: All New Age religion started in Bablyon) plays a prominent role in the end. 
If that didn’t just send a shiver down your spine, then read t

Easter is Coming!!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night! I haven't seen The Passion of The Christ for a couple of years myself. A few of you asked if you could bring any food for some fellowship before and after. Of course you can! Have you ever seen us turn down good food? Easter is shaping up nicely. Still lots of details to work out, nothing unusual though. It is really going to be a great Sunday for all! I am believing to a full house! Keep praying and keep inviting! Let's do something great for God this Sunday!!

The Value of Knowledge

Something occurred to me recently and I wanted to put it out here for your input. Do we really value what we know? I know sinners who know the Bible and actually would have a very sound theology to live their life with - if they choose to do so. But that knowledge has no value to them. It's like the guy who has the knowledge to make a million dollars quickly, legally and easily, but doesn't do it because - he doesn't want a million dollars. So why doesn't knowledge change us?

Reason to come to Easter Services

Good coffee and bagels. You will get to see Betty perform "Watch The Lamb" Powerful stuff! Some really good music! Kids performing a sign language song about Jesus! You don't have to get a 2nd mortgage on your house to buy those perfect easter clothes. (Come as you are!) It gives you a break from the family rebellion, I mean reunion. It gives you a chance to meet and greet all the new people that will be attending. (The people are coming, believe me they are coming!!) Steph. is going to sing a solo! (This your gonna love) Did I mention good coffee and bagels?

and I pray

I humble myself before you my Lord and my God as an act of worship from my heart. I seek you with all my heart, soul and spirit - not for the things you have already provided, but for the presence of your Holy Spirit upon me. I set aside my will, that yours be done in and through me everyday. I am not perfect and I am desperate for your help. Share your wisdom and heart with me that I may honor you all the days of my life. Protect me, my family and your church from the enemies schemes and plans against us. Don't allow Him to dictate the direction of our lives or our future. Forgive me of my selfish ways and help me to put the sinful man to death everyday. Open the eyes of my heart Lord and let me see your vision and will. Allow me to see what is possible if I will just trust you. Restore to me the joy of my salvation again. With a broken spirit and contrite heart I lift up the name of Jesus above every authority. My heart is broken when I look at this world Lord. Use me to


I know that many of us have been praying and fasting since March 2nd. Committing to fasting and praying until Easter Sunday. Here is where the rubber meets the road. If hell is going to thwart our plans, if Satan is going to steal anyone away from Sunday's services, if the everything from details to personalities are going to become problems. It is now. So I'm asking to keep us, the church and each other lifted up in prayer. Remember that this is about Christ that it is about us. Praise God and Amen!

Tree of Life

Last night I had the opportunity to go to a Mona Vie tasting party. (I think I said that right) Of course they would like for you to sign up, as it is a network marketing company. Unlike some other network marketing presentations that I have suffered through, there was no pressure to sign up. In fact, no one did and no one complained about it. But during the presentation they talked about the key ingredient to this nutritional drink, the Acai berry. It comes form the Acai palm tree, which Brazilians call, Mona Vie or Tree of Life. While I am not doubting the testimonials of people who drink this stuff. I couldn't help but think, this isn't the tree of life. Being that this is passion week, the timing of this couldn't be better. The original Tree of Life was in the garden of Eden. Because Adam and Eve sinned against God, they were banned from it. We read in Revelation that we will eat of it again in heaven. But how? Our original sin separates us from God forev


The blogs I read were full of updates. So here are some of the best and most interesting. Enjoy! We are hitting the ground running around here getting ready for Easter! Don't forget to vote for your favorite church logo at Great worship video. I went to school with the pastor of this church. Click here Church Relevance shares a couple of studies done on relationships, influences and groups. Read it carefully and I think that you will notice some things that will make you go "Huh?" Click here This one got my attention. Could we be witnessing the birth of a new cult? I'm going to try to get the book. This should be interesting. click here

Sunday Evening Musings

Easter is coming!! So this week is all about Easter. I am really looking forward to Good Friday. The Passion of the Christ is going to be a great event for some! It's really puts the crucifixion into context for many people. Someone requested a kids movie for smaller children, so we should be able to do that. Someone else asked if they should bring food. If you want to that's ok. Something easy like finger food, etc. Lot's of stuff to do before Sunday. I mean lots of stuff. So late to bed and early to rise. Hold it, it doesn't go that way does it? Don't forget to vote for your favorite church logo. I really appreciate those who have told or emailed me that this mornings sermon really spoke to you. I know that I am my worst critic, but I really thought I bombed. I am going to make a few changes before next Sunday. For one thing, during Sunday School - if anyone wants to dedicate time to prayer for the service - I believe that there are fe


I am looking forward to tomorrows service. It's Palm Sunday and we will experience Him in our lives. Don't forget faithSKILLS and Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Also, tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m. you can attend a free preview of Financial Peace University. If you are remotely interested, attend. Also, go to and vote for your favorite church logo.

We Are The Temple

Ezekiel 10 - 12 in many ways was a foreshadowing of our lives. As the nation of Israel had turned their back on God, their reasoning for doing so isn't that different from what we see today. They were spiritual, but they didn't love God. They marginalized their faith while doing as they please. They refused to allow God to show them who was really speaking on His behalf. In Ez. 10 we read how the glory of the Lord had departed from the temple. God was done and the time for change. This didn't mean that the people couldn't change their ways and repent. God just knew that things had gone to far and they were not going to do it. In 1 Cor. 6:19 it says that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Has the glory of the Lord departed from our temple? In Ez. 11 we see how God holds the spiritual authorities of that day accountable for their actions. Judgement is pronounced on them. While the promise is made, again, true repentance would have changed the story. The peopl

We need your help!

The logos are finally in and we have a couple for you to consider. Click here and go vote for the one you like better. Remember, one one vote per person.

Don't Play God

As I read Ezekiel 7 - 9 this morning I saw where God moves from calling Ezekiel to fulfilling it. God shows Ezekiel what He sees His people doing in private - nothing that Ezekiel knew. Then He showed Ezekiel what He was going to do about it. But before He does this, in Ezekiel 9, he marked those who were not following the crowd in worshipping false Gods. You can tell the difference between those who worship God and those who think they are God. Those who worship God are marked - different. Their attitude and actions are directed towards God in humility and submission. For their sacrifice they enjoy the blessing of God, His love, joy, peace, hope and life. Those who are thinking that what they do in private is private and that everything will be, "ok" as long as they worship God in public are dead wrong. These people are playing God! Not only what they do in private is a sin, but their worship of God in public is a sin. Why in the world would anybody do something li

The Price of The Calling

Here are few more lessons from Ez. 4 - 6. God doesn't do anything by Himself, He always does it through us. God needed someone to declare His Word - in this case it was all bad . In Isa 55:8 it says that His ways and thoughts are not our ways and thoughts. Sometimes we are not going to understand what God asks us to do. The more you love Him, the more you will be like Him. The call of God on your life will place you in the middle of His will and purposes. You will feel the full range of His hearts emotions (from joy to anger) towards those who He loves. In Rev. 16 we read about Armageddon. Some are appalled that mankind would stoop so low. But isn't that what we see happening here in Ezekiel? Israel has gone to far, beyond the point of no return, and now God must deal with it. The question is, have we gone to far?

Living Together??

One of the dangerous trends I see in family life today is the practice of co-habitation. Most people want to debate the reasons why it happens and why we as a church shouldn't speak against it. The Bible teaches differently. The stability of a life time commitment allows families to enjoy a happier and healthier life while building a stronger foundation for their children's future. A recent study which you can read here , only reinforces what the Bible says. If you are going to get into a relationship, remember this. Being with the end in mind. Don't make it up along the way.

Leadership Lessons from Ezekiel

I started reading Ezekiel today. I thought I might share some of the insights I got from it this morning. Get your Bible and read for yourself Ez 1 - 3 (or go to and read it there) Ez 1) Before God imparts His vision, there is always a manifest presence of God. That manifest presence is like nothing before or since, but that doesn't keep you from additional experiences of equal or greater value. Leaders are chosen because they can learn how to lead. God will present Himself at times in such a way that either you will believe He is god or that your crazy. Ez 2) Calling is given, not chosen. That calling always includes the mission. God choses who, what, when, where and how. The calling/mission humbles, challenges, places you in harms way, and is sacrificial. It requires faithfulness in the face of rejection. There is no room for selfishness in ones calling/mission. Ez 3) The mission and vision is stunning and will leave you stunned. God will give you time to proc

Tuesdays Notes

I've been trying to get to this all morning, so while I have a few minutes I'm going to jot a few notes down! Last Sunday was amazing! If you didn't set your clocks, you missed a great day. We received a overwhelming response, so much so that I am going to sit down later today to read all the forms turned in a start building a plan of action. The I love my church campaign is really, really God's timing. There is no way I could "orchestrate" this kind of passion and response. He gets all the glory. My office smells like paint. My wife and Deana are painting one of the storage rooms. They are going to try to get a few more rooms done later this week. Great job guys!! Easter is coming faster that you think. Remember this rule. It is better to have invited someone who wouldn't come than to have never invited them at all. I know, I've heard something like that before too.

Weigh In On This!

Here's something that's been floating around my head for a while. What if we borrowed the money to do everything we need to do to finish build out, fix up the building and to secure our future? Now let me lay down a few ground rules here. I don't want to get into a discussion about affordability or what we are going to do in specific detail. We can get into that later. I want to know whether you believe we should? If you have a problem with churches borrowing money? If you think that this is the right idea at the wrong time? I don't want to waste our time and energy chasing something that was doomed to be defeated from the very beginning. If you desire, click on the comment box below and leave your ideas. If you don't want others to see you - click on my email link located on this page and let me know. Let's talk about it and see where it leads us!

New Friends

Most of you know that I really don't like being in a room full of people. I am satisfied being in a corner watching. At The Forum this was no exception. In this room were some powerful and influential people. CEO's of Fortune 500 companies. Employees of national insurance companies, District Superintendents, University Presidents and so on. So I found the back row. The first day I was with a couple of people that I knew, but the second and third day - they left me (traitors). So I ended up sitting next to a very kind gentleman who was taking notes on a Macintosh. AH! HA! A friend! Well I found out that he had just started using a Mac three months ago and was still learning how to use it. We hit is off and the name on his badge was Joel Balin. He pastors a Vineyard church in Atlanta Ga. We had a wonderful time and really hit it off well. Well today I came back to my seat and I found a book there, "The Spirit, Soul and Body of Worship". I looked around t

Forum Day 3

Andy Stanley - Pastor North Point Ministries - Vision is a mental picture of what could be or should be. Nature of vision - it’s always leaking out or it’s hard to stick. Growth makes an organization dumb and ineffective. Success is a enemy of vision. Talent follows vision Resources follow vision Leaders follow vision If you don’t make your vision stick, someone else with clarity will invoke their vision. You have to hit emotions. We have a solution to a problem, present vision as a solution to a problem offer a solution Your vision is a solution Why now? Keep recasting the vision Life is hard on vision Pick a strategic time to cast vision with the rhythm of the organization. When you see someone getting vision right. Celebrate it! Ask people: What did you do that you think is successful? People need to see you embrace your vision. Find way to make it known. Publicly embrace what you cast as vision. Small groups ministry is a lifestyle. At the end of the day you a

Forum - Day 2

Here are todays notes from the forum. Craig Groesche l - Pastor Mark 2:1-5 Within you - you have everything you need to reach the people God want you to reach. God wants you to reach. Limited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation. God guides by what he provides God also guides by what He withholds. God blesses with divine limitations. If He gave you what you thought you needed, you wouldn’t see what God wants you to see. Limitations can lead to innovation. 4 qualities of innovative leaders. #1 - Innovative leaders care deeply about those who do not know Christ. When have you been so compassionate that you would creak through the ceiling? To reach the people that no one is reaching, you have to do what no one else is doing. In other words, don’t use old methods. Ask yourself, Who is God calling you to reach? #2 They break the rules Care more about people than about stupid rules. Give it all away. Ask yourself, What is God calling you is attempt that h

The Forum - Day 1

I have had a great first day at the Forum. Over 800 people are in attendance and we are really enjoying ourselves. Each speaker is hitting a home run on servant leadership principles. Here are some of my notes for todays sessions. Check back tomorrow evening for the next set. Gen Colin Powell speaks tomorrow. Mark Rutland - President of Southeastern University - When we overemphasize our style of leadership we can become a mile wide and an inch deep. Leadership in the 21st century needs to be flexible. Hebrew Word - Balak - means to “create” as to bear a child. If your going to be a “rain maker” then it has to rain. Unleash the creativity of others, energize creativity. Bear fruit that bears fruit. See opportunities when everyone else see problems. Hebrew Word - Nahal - means to “conduct” or to escort. In this context a leader conducts or escorts on every side. 2 Chron. 32:22 - So the LORD saved Hezekiah and the people of Jerusalem from the hand of Sen

Words of Encouragement

I've been thinking about this all day. Speaking words of encouragement. I would like to think that I am a person who does this. But the reality is, I can do better. Offering a smile - a kind act - a polite attitude and a compliment are really symbols of mercy. Tomorrow, try to think how you can make a difference in someone's life with words of encouragement. Don't let some sour person deter you, I guarantee that there is someone who will be thankful for your investment into their lives. How is the fasting? Remember we are fasting (starting from last Sunday) for 21 days (Easter Sunday). Pray for this church, pray for each other. Pray for our future. Pray that God will open doors of blessing on each and everyone of us! If God does a miracle in your life, let us know! Send me an email or just call. I would be words of encouragement to me!! Don't forget - time change is Sunday. Spring forward one hour!!!

Here's The Question

Here's something that's been floating around my head for a while. What if we borrowed the money to do everything we need to do to finish build out, fix up the building and to secure our future? Now let me lay down a few ground rules here. I don't want to get into a discussion about affordability or what we are going to do in specific detail. We can get into that later. I want to know whether you believe we should? If you have a problem with churches borrowing money? If you think that this is the right idea at the wrong time? I don't want to waste our time and energy chasing something that was doomed to be defeated from the very beginning. If you desire, click on the comment box below and leave your ideas. If you don't want others to see you - click on my email link located on this page and let me know. Let's talk about it and see where it leads us!


I did a dumb thing last night. I managed to throw away every file from my computer. Everything! I am currently running a recovery file program - I am frustrated - I am drinking coffee - I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT!!

Rummage Sale

We did great today!! Looks like we raised over $500, but there is more money coming in. Here are some pics from todays event. Looking forward to tomorrow! I Love My Church!!