Where does vision come from?

Yesterday, Mike wrote in his comment that it took longer than 5 minutes. I pretty much knew that it would take more than 5 minutes to answer the question - but for Mike - it is time well spent. He doesn't have to ponder the thought anymore, he can put on his Nikes and "Just Do It." That is the purpose of a vision and mission statement. It takes the guess work out of many of our decisions. If it doesn't fit Gods plan - you don't do it.

So where does the inspiration for this come from? Good question - because if you don't go to the right source you will not get the right answer. Our theme verse for FFWC is Jer. 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Vision and Mission come from God. When He speaks into your life and/or about this ministry, what He says shouldn't be a mystery. Go to the Bible, God's Word, and let Him show you what His plan is.

Some might say, "Pastor, all of us are here to lead people to Jesus and help them place their faith in Him." That's true! What is great about a Vision and Mission is that it adds character and personality to the process. People want more than "saved". They desire purpose and relevancy in their relationship with Jesus.

So what does Jer. 29:11 say about us? That we serve a God that has a master plan for us. That He thinks about us and He creates ways to bring hope into our lives. That His blessing or prosperity is more than physical, but it is spiritual, emotional, relational and personal. That God isn't up in heaven waiting to strike us with a lighting bolt (that was Zeus from Greek mythology). He is a God who has provided for us a future that includes Him and thus gives us hope in the bleakest of circumstances. We can enjoy life in the context of His love, grace and mercy.

This verse applies to everyone. A couple of years ago, I was seeking God about the vision and mission of FFWC. I asked for something that would apply to anyone, anytime, anywhere. We live in an area where some of the most wealthiest and poorest people live. Where a culture of perfection and achievement is presented amidst drug dealers, prostitution and crack houses. I have never had the privilege to serve in such a place with this kind of diversity. I believe that God is saying through Jer. 29:11 - Regardless of your station in life you need hope, a future and to know the God who secures your life.