Time for a Top 10

Today is Valentines Day - so here is my top 10 list about Betty. Happy Valentines Day hon!

1. She is a great mom to Anneka. I am amazed at what she is able to do with her and teach her

2. Gets up before I do every morning and prepares our day for us. When I get up she is already got her day going and much of her work done.

3. How much she loves this church. She is passionate about this church and its future!

4. She really is beginning to become a excellent speaker and presenter. Through her Southern Living At Home Business, they have really helped her develop her speaking skills.

5. She takes care of me and Anneka. That is a full time job in and of itself, but she makes it look easy.

6. She really, really strives to become a better mom, wife and leader. She is always pushing herself to be better.

7. For being able to laugh at herself. She is the funniest person I know. Anyone who has been around her for anytime know this.

8. Caring how she looks and how she takes care of herself. She never wants to present herself, her family or her church in a negative light.

9. Her great faith in God that is able to face the toughest of situations. There have been times that the only thing that got me though something was her.

10. She is my best friend. Enough said.

I am proud of the ladies of our church, you are doing a great job and whether you are single or married it doesn't matter. God is with you and will continue to bless you!


Betty said…
I LOVE YOU!!!! This was the BEST Valentines gift you could of gotten me!