Seeking Buy Ins

If you have read the last two days worth of blogs, then you know that I am talking about the "buy in". Without it people will not attend a church for more than 6 - 8 weeks. In our comsumer driven ecomony, people come to church looking to "buy in" into something that they are looking for. So what are you looking for?

"I have personal and/or family needs." What can you do for me? This isn't an unfair question. However, if it the only question that you ask when looking at a church - your probably going to be disappointed. I've talked to scores of guests over the years and I hear the same old line over and over again. "We've been looking for sometime now and....." The truth is, they are still looking. Most of the time our research has reveled they end up in the largest church with the most programs for their family.

"I'm looking for a place that is really spiritual." How much do you pray? What's your worship like? Good questions if they are coming from a heart that desires first and foremost that they want to experience God. Again, resting on my experience with these questions, we (nor any other church for that matter) are ever spiritual enough. Fact of the matter it this, I've had drunk people tell me they can't come to church here because I don't preach out of the King James Version.

"I'm want to go to a church where I can do ministry." One would think that I would jump at that one, but experience (in pain) has taught me to take that statement a little farther. As long as someone wants to do ministry within the context of the churches vision and mission (the one that is God given and inspired) everything is good. But most people I've met are looking for a church that will help them accomplish their agenda thus making the churches secondary. I can write a book on the problems that causes.

Tomorrow - Buying in with the right heart.