Our Core Values

Churches have to have core values. Without them it wouldn't know how to do what they are suppose to do. For example, if the church doesn't value sinners, then there will be little effort on their part to reach them at most levels.

Quite honestly, over 12 years it hasn't been the vision or mission of FFWC that's been challenged - it has been our core values. For years people use to tell me, why doesn't so and so come to church? Given the opportunity they would confront so and so and ask them, "What's wrong with you - why don't you come to church? Don't you understand that you have to go to church?" That would be the last I would see of that person ever again. While I was preaching and teaching, "Put people first!" they were chanting, "Come to church, then your first."

So here is my question. What should our core values be? I'm opening the floor to ideas and information from you - I can use your input. Here are the guidelines. We are writing what our values should be, not what they are. This isn't a grip session. Sure we have (as all churches do) some values that we need to correct or just get rid of. My question is - what should they be? I'm going to jot a few down that I have been working on the last couple of weeks. Let me know what you think of them.

Core Values:
- Care about each other more than we care about ourselves.
- Love each other when they neither deserve or expect it.
- Everybody is worth investing in.
- We love God they way He wants to be loved.
- We give up "good" so He can give us "better".
- We want to raise the value of a person.
- We try to outgive God or We give back to God what He has faithfully given to us, because He will give back to us what we have faithfully given to Him.
- We love sinners.

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