To be quite honest, with Easter being so early this year, preparing and planning for Easter has been a bit of a struggle. But Easter is really beginning to shape up as well as the whole month of March - I'm really excited about what can happen in March!

March Sunday Series - I Love My Church - isn't some generic series of messages about church - it's about us! FFWC!

Youth Rummage Sale - I'm headed up into the church attic to see what we need to unload. But a bunch of stuff came in last night and we need more!

iPod giveaway - During the month of March every person who signs up to get our weekly eLife will get a chance to win an iPod. Those of us who attend or have already signed up do not qualify. But your friends and family do! Spread the word AFTER this Sunday.

Good Friday - We just added a Good Friday service. We will be showing the movie, The Passion of Christ. If you know someone who cannot attend Easter Sunday! Bring them to this service.

Intro to Faith Family Worship Center - For those of you who have not signed up for this - please contact me ASAP!

Easter Sunday - I'm working on the service now. We will be incorporating a children's Sign Language Choir - Sign Language Drama entitled, "Watch The Lamb." Visual Media. Great Worship! Free Family Portraits and a wonderful celebration for the whole family!!!

Mapp Rd. Clean Up - I cannot say it enough. FFWC left an impression on our county leadership and community when we were nominated for an environmental stewardship award. (I think a few were in shock) The fact that church would do this for their community was unheard of. Let's have a strong showing for this one and let our neighborhood know that we do care about them and Palm City!