Is passion deep?

Have you ever met a deep person? I mean someone whose ability to think or feel goes beyond anything you've experienced. They comprehend things you don't or they can wrap their brain around things you've yet to think about? I know some people who are just like this. I really honor them and try to hang around them as much as possible. Here is something that I notice about them though. They are very, very passionate people. I'm talking, all out - over your head - all or nothing passionate. Some are very LOUD and animated in their presentation. Some are reserved but no less passionate about what they feel. So the question is this? Which came first, passion or depth?

Why is this important you ask? Did depth of heart lead to ones passion in life? Or did ones passion in life lead to the depth of the heart? Click on the comment button and type away! I would really like to know??


Anonymous said…
Hey Pastor Russ,

Passionate people make you want to do more! I remember the German professor I had at the University of Cincinnati. He came in the first day full of enthusiasm and energy and it was contagious. I worked really hard in that class - because I wanted to. It's amazing how somebody who's passionate can alter the course of somebody's life. This man was a teacher, just think what we can do for the kingdom!

Mike Scanlon