Hot Topic

The LA Times, MSNB and CNN all recently picked up on a study was released by the Pew-Form on Religion and Public Life.

It says, among other things,
- 78.4% of Americans are Christians, about 5% belong to other faith traditions and 16.1% are unaffiliated with any religion.
- Secular unaffiliated Americans account for 6.3% of the population; religious unaffiliated, 5.8%; atheists, 1.6%; and agnostics, 2.4%.
- At 1.7% of the population, Jews make up the next-largest religious group. Buddhists are 0.7% of the population; Muslims 0.6%; and Hindus and New Age followers, both 0.4%.

What trends are we seeing here:
- Non-denominational churches are gaining members.
- U.S. about to lose its status as a majority Protestant nation.
- 25 percent of adults leave faith of their upbringing.
- Survey found a dropping confidence in organized religion.

In a separate survey from UCLA which you can read about at
- 43.7% of freshmen frequently attend religious services while 25.4% of juniors frequently attend religious services.
- 20.2% of freshmen never attend religious services while 37.5% of juniors never attend religious services.

How did the Assemblies of God fair? Out of the Pentecostal fellowship with a evangelical tradition we were only 1 of 2 fellowships that grew out of 10. The bad news was, it was only at 1.4%.

Is this good news or bad news? What do you think?

If you would like to read the full report from Pew Forum, it is available here