Hope and Future

After reading Jer. 29:11 you can understand our Mission statement. "Giving hope and building a future." A mission statement boils who we are and what we do down to one sentence. FFWC is here to give people hope and help them build a future in Jesus Christ. Our desire is to lead people through a process by which they will make Jesus their Savior and Lord.

Now let me stop here a second and speak to that last sentence, especially the part that says, "... make Jesus their Savior and Lord." You and I understand that, but the average person on the street doesn't. Allow me to recast the sentence. "Our desire is to lead people through a process by which they will fully entrust their faith and life to Jesus Christ." I said the same thing, while increasing the number of people who understood it. If people cannot understand what we are offering and what we are doing, they will not receive what we have to offer. This is why we use language that most people will understand.

Did you know that we have an Internal Mission Statement? First of all, what is an internal mission statement. To those who attend FFWC and desire to become a part of this ministries purpose to give hope and build futures - we ask you to do so with this in mind. "Make a difference one life at a time." People ask me all the time, "What should I do pastor?" There's your answer. I know that most people are desiring for me to give them an assignment of some sort. But here is my point. Action follows attitude. If we as a church have the attitude that we want to make a difference in people lives, finding some way to do that, whether great or small, will happen.

So, with all of this said, it boils down to this. We as the church of FFWC embrace the attitude of serving to others. The desire to make a difference in their lives by offering them real and tangible hope that can only come from Jesus Christ. To invest into them His love, grace, mercy, truth and wisdom so they will have a better and brighter future because of Him.

Tomorrow, our vision statement.