Buy In

"Buy In" means that you have chosen to personally take ownership or "buy in" into something. People who attend churches have bought into the church. The more people buy in, the healthier and stronger it will become. The opposite it true of people who attend a church and don't completely buy in. What happens is this. These people will place undo pressure on the church to perform for them some ministry or action that pleases them. Thus forcing the church to revamp itself to the will of the individual rather than the will of God.

Jesus dealt with this all the time during his ministry. When the Pharisees and teachers of the law challenged Him to perform a mircale for them in Matthew 12: 37 - 39 what there were saying was, "You do a miracle Jesus and we will then believe in you." Or do what we ask an then we will buy in. Jesus let them have it with both barrels and if your like me you would say, "Good for you Jesus, don't let those religious types ruin your vision and mission."

So here is the point that I want to make. If we believe Jesus did that right thing, why do we test His church as the Pharisees and teachers of the law did? Jesus declared the will of His Father (the vision and the mission). He made that vision and mission clear to them through action, (miracles and relationships). To the person who was paying attention to Him, they wouldn't need proof, because they had already seen and experienced the miracles and relationship for themselves. Yet we demand that the church perform to our expectations, then we will "buy in".

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