Buy In Worth or Worthless

Some churches have exploded with growth because their vision and mission is built around the people they are trying to reach. That's isn't all bad as long as that vision is God given and ordained. Build a vision that simply makes the church the most attractive church in town only develops big, shallow churches. That isn't to say that ministry isn't going on or that some are being discipled well. Keep reading.

Big numbers, with big programs and big staff seems to be the desire of many people who are looking to buy in to a church. But are they looking for a church that is doing great things for the Kingdom of God? Or are they looking for a church where they get a lot without having to give much at all? The people who seek the former grow as Christians and go on to do great things themselves for Christ. The later just attend church.

Regardless of the size of the church, the vision and mission can be epic, huge and life changing. If the people buy into it. Many churches whose leadership have bought in and invested in the vision and mission struggle with those who think that the earmarks of a successful church are big numbers, with big programs and big staff.

This struggle creates internal problems for the church. The vision and mission of the church is passionately spoken but if its isn't bought into to becomes worthless. The leadership pursues the vision, but the church drags along slowing like it's wearing concrete overshoes.

If you buy in to the vision and mission of a church, you make it worth something. You increase the value of the church and help it move from concrete overshoes to wings. Now if you are currently searching for a church home, stop and ask yourself if you have honestly prayed about your search and if God has been a part of your equation in seeking a place to serve Him. We serve God, we have said that we will go where He wants us to go and do what He wants us to do. If you are currently attending a church, do you "buy in" to it? Is it's vision a part of your life? Is what God is doing through your church helping to shape you into God's will?

The one sentence I've heard for over and over again for years is, "Pastor, I'm not getting fed here - I'm leaving." With that I say God bless you and good bye. Here is the reality though - they never bought into the church, therefore, they couldn't receive what God had in store for them. Of those I have been able to track over the years, most are still looking for a church home or they are in a big church doing nothing. God help them is my prayer.

Comments and questions are welcomed. Email me if you like. Next week - FFWC's Vision and Mission. Who are we? Why do we exist? What is our Vision and Mission?


Anonymous said…
Hi Pastor,

Many people who are looking for a church home have been injured in other places and they don't want to experience that pain once more. As you said, you need to pray and ask God where you should be and LISTEN to Him when He tells them where.

The "Buy In" is simple. If you have a servant's heart, it comes naturally. You'll do whatever it takes to ensure the church vision prospers. Trouble is, only 20% of the people do 80% of the work. It would be much easier if it were the other way around.

My prayer is that the people at FFWC will catch the vision and ACT accordingly.

Mike Scanlon
Randy said…
True buy-in in the church is not something that Leadership can generate or whip up as cheerleaders try to do at a pep rally. This kind of buy-in may catch on quickly and even feverishly, but is likely to subside or disappear when the going gets tough. Know any fair weather sports fans out there? If not, just think back to all the empty seats at the Dolphins' games this last season. As the team slid into difficult times, many fans just gave up and quit attending. Many may even give up their season tickets. Of those, some will certainly scramble to buy them back when the Fins start winning again.

That is not true fan buy in. It increases and fades with the successes and failures of the team.

True buy-in within the Church comes from the heart and is not dependent on performance. It is God focused. Those who truly buy-in seek to be part of what God is doing in their church as well as what Gods wants for their own life. Programs and ministries will come and go, but God's will is everlasting. You don't trade in your season tickets on God's will!