Starbucks Closed

... for a few hours yesterday.

After writing for the last few days about buy ins, vision, mission and core values. Then reading about the fluidity of the average Americans attendance to church. What Starbucks did yesterday made sense. I wish we could do the same thing.

Starbucks is getting their tail kicked by a clown. He has red hair a red nose and his name is Ronald. McDonalds is moving in on Starbucks profit share and really hurting them. So Starbucks brought back their founder CEO Howard Schultz to turn things around before it gets to bad. So what did he do? A mandatory three-hour training session on how to make an appropriate cup of coffee. To most of us that would seem to be a little insulting. It is sheer genius! Starbucks sells more than a cup of coffee, they want that cup of coffee to be a pleasant experience that you will want to come back for.

If the churches, our included, were to take the time to relearn how to do worship, welcome guests and do ministry. If we were to relearn how to pray and do devotions. If we could turn the average into a experience what do you think would happen?

PS - What happened to Starbucks? Easy, they fulfilled their vision and mission but forgot to do so with their core values in mind. A a cup of coffee became a cup of coffee again.

Sorry for the reposts - I keep hitting the return key at the wrong time.


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