Whew! What a day!

Betty had a SLAH (for those of you who don't know that stands for Southern Living At Home not shredded cabbage) conference in Orlando today. Normally I would drive the turnpike up, but noooooo, not today. The fog was so thick the "pike" was closed, but not 95, all the way to Vero, SR 60 across and back on the turnpike at Yeehaw Junction. (For my dear friends 'up north' that it's real name). So we arrived a half an hour late.

After we drop mom off at the convention center. Anneka and I discovered this place called Disney Marketplace. We had a blast and we stayed there all day long. They have the biggest Disney store I have ever seen in my life, (I mean huge!!). But the best moment for me was at the Lego store. There looking at a Sea Monster made entirely out of legos, I lean over to her and say "I love you." and she puts her head on my shoulder and whispers "I love you too."