Seattle Starbucks tests $1 coffee, free refills

According to Reuters news feed, Starbucks is thinking about serving $1 coffee with, get this, free refills! Now let me see if I understand this correctly. Starbucks, the home of the $100 cup of Cafe Americano with half of half and half with and half whole milk, half decaf with half caf, served on ice with whipped cream, is thinking about serving coffee? Now don't get me wrong here, I drink Starbucks and like it - what annoys me is when I ask for a cup of coffee and the usual response is, "That's it?" My standard response to that is, "This is a coffee shop, right?"

Times have changed and a cup of coffee isn't a cup of coffee anymore. But with the economy going the way it is Starbucks is looking at McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts thinking, "That isn't a bad idea after all."

Tonight I am going to ask our small group, which is studying Max Lucados 3:16, this question. "Is your faith religion based or relationship based?" You can get a cup of coffee in Starbucks, if you know how to ask for it. Regretfully, the same is true of some churches. You can have a relationship with Jesus, if you know how to ask for it. Offer what is real in a simply way to a world that is searching for Jesus. And if you can do it with free refills? Hmmmm, this isn't a bad idea is it?"


Mike Scanlon said…
Pastor Russ,

Your last sentence is confusing. Do you mean "Offer what is real in a simple way to a world that is searching for Jesus or Offer what is real is simply a way to...
I hope that I didn't miss the thought.
I've actually gone into Starbuck's and asked for a black cup of coffee and the counter people look at you like you're in the wrong store. I like going to Mickey D's and ordering their senior special coffee for $.69. Let's see if Starbucks can match that price!

Great lesson tonight. It reminds me of the song "Fix your eyes upon Jesus..." How can anyone go wrong?

See you Saturday at 5.

Russ Jones said…
Good Question, I see your what you mean. Quite honestly, you cannot go wrong with either thought. Jesus never made Himself out to be a complicated person, neither did He present His Father as a complicated God. In fact, what attracted people to Him was His simple teaching and ministry which applied to everyday life. In John 12:32 Jesus says that when He is lifted up, men will be drawn unto Him. Who is lifting Jesus up? That would be you and me. The question is, what are we lifting up? A religion about Jesus (which is complicated) or a relationship with Him)? (that should be simple enough