Running Away

All of us have had the thought before. Just to run away from our problems and find a less stressful life. Having the thought isn't a sin, thank God, or we would all be in trouble wouldn't we? Today as I was visiting with a fellow minister our conversation somehow got sidetrack to this topic. I mention how another minister whom we both know, might just "run away". His response to this was passionate. He said that we have to remember that Satan is trying to destroy us, our churches and our ministries. That if we leave the ministry Satan isn't going to be satisfied until he has completely wiped us, our family and our future out. While we may find the life that we are looking for, it isn't the one that God called us to.

As I drove away, his words were still ringing in my ears. Over the next few days I'm going to keep working on this. Check back tomorrow.


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