I wanted to follow up on my comments this morning about priorities. Anyone who has ever worked for my on staff either paid or volunteer has heard this speech from me more than once. God first, then each other (marriage), your family - then church. That isn't to say that everything in this world is cut and dry and that you can balance these four things well. Add to that carreers, health issues and such and life can be just downright demanding of your time and space.

I have on more than one occasion sit people down to review their priorities and needs. And on more than one occasion I have told them to go take care of more pressing matters and let someone else lead their ministry. This isn't to say that God has "uncalled" them from ministry or that they were never to be in ministry in the first place.

It means that God closes a chapter in our lives and opens another one. Sometimes the characters make it to the next chapter and sometimes they don't. But you have to follow God's will for your life and His priorities. His will church (that's us) will be just fine. How do I know that? Because God is just who He says He is - God. He knows what we need and He knows how to supply our needs accordingly.

Pray - pray that God will bless Jason and Jenni as they proceed with God's will in their lives. Pray that God will raise up leadership for our youth ministry. Pray that God will help us to put our priorities in the right place and pray that God will bless us with the ability to do His will everyday to His glory and honor. If we will focus on these things, the rest will fall in place.