Prayer Journal Day 5

Sorry that todays journal is late. But this one is coming from my personal computer. The new Hard Drive has been installed and we're back in business!!


Pray for AG missionaries at home and overseas. Pray for AG ministers here in the US that serve in a variety of positions and ministries. Pray for our national leadership team in Springfield, Missouri. Pray for our each state and language district - ours serves in Lakeland, Florida. Pray for the local AG leadership who serve the West Palm Beach area. Pray that God will bring a revival of the Holy Spirit among us, empowering us to do His will.

Living the Life

John 10:10 "The theif comes only to steal and kill and destoy; I have come that they may have live, and have it to the full." There are so many kinds of lives that we can live. Carefree, stressed out, passionate, miserable. But only one that Jesus came to give us wasw abundant or to the full.

First of all understand that this world doesn't care about hearing the voice of God, knowing HIm in a real way, what His commandments are and what He says about our future. Christians on the other hand do not care about worldy pleasures and amusements as the center of our life or existance. Jesus came to give us a life that is above all that. Serving Him isn't about just getting by, barely. It's about knowing and experiencing Him everyday in a real and relevant way.

What are your thoughts?


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