Prayer Journal Day 4


Pray for you neighborhood, pray for you city and pray for the Treasure Coast. Pray for our schools, our kids who attend them and the staff who takes care of them. Pray for our local economy, that people will be able to get good jobs.

But I don't want to wait!

Isa 40:31 "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength..." Sitting in a waiting room is painful for me. The first thing I do is look for magazines, then, I pray that all of them are not Cosmo. I settle in and - wait. Remember that we wait for a reason. Sometimes it is to feel better, to meet someone we haven't seen in some time or to receive something that we want or need.l (As in my case, a hard drive which still hasn't arrived.)

So why does God make us wait? So that our strength will be renewed. Waiting serves a purpose other than wasting our time. While we wait, God is working on us. Working on what you ask? Whatever is next - and only God knows what that is. Being discipled as a student of Jesus is suppose to prepare us for life. Those that wait learn and those that do not wait - well.

By the way, when you have to go to a waiting room, do what I do. Bring a good book that you want to read. Then you really don't feel that you wasted your time - waiting.


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