Prayer Journal Day 3


Pray for it's leadership, financial future and that it will fulfill its will in God's plan for Palm City. Pray that we will be able to reach our community with the good news about Jesus. Pray for its ministries and that God will help this church lead people to know Jesus is a real way.


Waiting doesn't come easily for us, usually because it requires patience. Rom. 8:24 says, "For in this hope we were saved...." When do you need hope? Usually when you are in some kind of need. Hope sustains us in our trials and troubles. In fact hope can be so strong is can be the only thing that will get us through. God will come through for us - hope. His grace is enough to help us wait. When we say that we "Give hope and build a future" at FFWC, it means that we introduce people to Jesus, who will get them through. Not only will he get them through, He will help them move on to a better future.


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