New Testament on CD

Some of you have asked me about the New Testament CD's we passed out last Sunday. They are not playing on your CD player at home or in the car. That is because they are in a MP3 format. This is the only way to get the whole NT on one CD. On the inside of the cover there are instructions how to use the CD. Someone asked me this evening if they could burn it to CD. Yes you can but you going to need a lot of CD's. There is roughly 20 hours recorded on this MP3 and a CD holds 74 minutes. (By the way, if anyone can tell me why a CD holds 74 minutes I'll buy you lunch at McD's - click on comments and leave your answer there.) Anyhow, you do the math.

Next time you are at Wal-Mart (or your favorite store with a electronics section) stop in and ask to see their MP3 players. They will take you to those little ones which you can carry with you. If you don't have a computer, ask me - I'll download it for you. You can purchase large "boom box' type cd players that also plays mp3's. All in all you will spend around 30 dollars.