Monday Morning Reflections

George Wood explains how we can fail. It's short - to the point and absolutely correct. Read it here at Ken Horns blog . Ken is the editor of Today’s Pentecostal Evangel.  

Had a blast at the Jarretts yesterday.  Watch the first game and ate lots of great food.  If you don't know, Tim is really a good cook, especially when it comes to fish.  

Then we went to the Scanlons for the second game - there we ate some Cincinnati 5 way chili.  If you have never had any, ask Mike about it.  

What's next!  For those of you whose teens attend Ignited Youth - a few of you have asked me - what are we going to do next?  Well there is a plan.  In the next few days, after a few details come together, I'll share more of it with you.  What is most important right is what we are NOT going to do.  Worry.  God is in this.  God knows what we need.  And as we pray (something that we should be doing a lot of right now) God will lead us to do the right thing, at the right time for the right reasons.  I believe that's the wisest thing we can do - and when it comes to our kids - we wants what's wisest.