Lazarus came forth!

John 11:43 - 44 "And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth. And he that was dead came forth!"

As many of you know, Russ & I had a very rough weekend!! Saturday morning while Russ was working on his sermon, his laptop computer starting acting & sounding funny. After working on it for a couple of hours, he realized his hardrive was going out & he was losing things right before his very eyes. He runs out to me in the sanctuary to use my laptop & sees my panicked face. We had a group of people taking down the Christmas decorations, & a glass of water had been knocked over on my laptop computer & it fried instantly. The person who did it was terribly upset & offered to buy me a new one. I explained, you don't want to do's a "Mac". (To replace what I had was going to cost $1500 - $2000) Besides, it really wasn't their fault. I was the one who placed the water on the table & forgot about it.

Sunday morning, we had no powerpoint, no sermon, no kids church material, no Sunday School. Nothing! It is all on our computers. Our wonderful Sound Technician, Randy, brought his laptop so we could at least have powerpoint during praise & worship. We used a CD player for our music. No way to play our Ipod, it was synched to Russ' computer.

Instantly the men sprung into action & disassembled my laptop, & poured out the water. (It was a 12 oz cup) There my poor baby laid for days as we tried to dry it out. It was dead! Everyone told us that. Even the "Apple Genius" down in West Palm Beach told us there was no hope. But God KNOWS my needs! He knows that I HAVE to have a computer to run not only the church business, but also my own personal Home Business. God gave me such a peace, I kept telling everyone it was ok, that God was going to supply. In fact later that same day, I got some Southern Living at Home pieces in the mail, that a friend sent me. Pieces I really wanted. They arrived broken in a million pieces. I cried over them, but not my laptop. I knew it was going to be ok.

Monday morning we picked up all the pieces & trekked on down to the Apple Store to meet with the Apple Genius. On the way there I saw 2 rainbows & knew it was God saying it was ok. When the Genius saw it, he once again hope! He carefully put it back together & said no hope....

Then he hit the power button. He said..."Oh my God! It works! He checked it out, everything worked except the Airport feature. (This allows me to be on the wireless network & carry my laptop anywhere.) Airport is the only type of internet we have in the church. I HAD to have it. Not having it was NOT an option. The guy took it out & was going to throw it away. I sat there & prayed. Russ told him to turn off the laptop, install it, & try again. The guy said, it won't work. The airport was where the water came in & it was fried. Russ asked him again to do it. He reluctantly did. When he turned on my laptop, THERE IT WAS! The Airport was up & running beautifully.

GOD HAD DONE IT! He resurrected my laptop from the dead! I have now named my computer "Lazarus" as a reminder of God's goodness.

As for Russ' laptop, it is still lifeless, but there is hope. His new Hardrive arrives via UPS tomorrow. Another miracle! It was going to cost $300 for a new one, God led him to a sale on the net & he got it for $83!

Praise God! Hallelujah! God it SOOOOO Good!!

Jeremiah 29:11
God has given me "A Hope & A Future"