Joy (Part 2)

We Nehemiah. 8 says that the "joy of the Lord is your strength." he knows what he is talking about. Nehemiah led one of the biggest construction projects that Israel had seen in over 100 years, if not more. But it wasn't a project of improvement, it was a project of survival. You see the temple had been destroyed, the walls of the city had been knocked down, the gates had been burned up. Israel's enemies were running the show and the people were discouraged and beaten down. Where in the world was Nehemiah going to get the motivation and courage to rebuild the city walls? From God.

Challenges may be great, life may be bad - but God is greater and my God is good. Challenges are opportunities for God to shine. Hope is eternal if our hope is Jesus. Life isn't fair, so when life throws us a curve God knows how to deal with it. Notice when you read Nehemiah that God never did do one miracle. Yet, they give Him credit in the end. Something like, "We couldn't have done this without You God!" Why? Because the joy of the Lord was their strength.