Joy (Part 1)

I just watched myself on TV. Quite honestly that was painful. However, I heard something from myself that I didn't really hear during the interview. Joy. God really wants His people to know joy. He really wants us to know joy - the source of our strength - (Neh. 8.)

Joy doesn't come from our station in life. If you get everyone and everything the way you want it - you will not find joy.

Joy doesn't come from other people. If you looking to someone in your life to make you happy, you are making them miserable.

Joy doesn't come from our self indulgence. Gratifying the flesh doesn't bring joy - instead it brings sickness and disease.

Joy comes from God. First of all joy isn't an emotion so much as it is a gift from God. Yes, it is a great feeling - but feelings can be misleading if they come from the wrong heart. In the worst of circumstances do you know and experience His joy? Secondly, joy comes from knowing Gods grace, mercy, love and forgiveness. When you asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins - did something happen inside that gave you a feeling of happiness or joy? That's called grace. Grace is His unmerited favor and without it we cannot have joy.

I'll work on this some more and share part 2 tomorrow.