Pentecost is intense. I remember as a kid growing up at First Assembly of God in Rogers, Arkansas that people prayed, worshipped and served with intensity. They didn't do anything half way or weak. Why was that? Because the fuel for their intensity was real. Real emotions, real needs and a real desire to touch the heart of God.

As I have been praying, God not only brought this to my memory, but also challenged me with my own intensity. My love for others, should be intense. The expression of my heart to God should be real not weak or worthless.

I believe that God is also challenging our intensity. That in 2008 is isn't what how much we do, but how well we do it. Some may even be overwhelmed with our love and passion for them, each other and for Christ. But don't you think that would be better than them calling us weak, worthless, passionless Christians?

Pentecost comes from a relationship with Jesus. When Pentecost derives its existence from religion it can only be intense about the organization or denomination. There are people who are intensely passionate about the organization. They know Jesus but they know the organization better. But if Jesus is bigger than the organization - then Pentecost will be about Him.