Four Steps

Last Sunday's sermon was more than just a sermon, it was a reminder of who we are and what we are. Over the last 2 years I have been working on a process that reflects our ministry and church family in this community. I've studied hundreds of church vision statements, mission statements and core values. I read and reread blogs, books and brochures about churches, what they believe and why they believe it. So believe me when I say that a lot of thought went into this before I presented it to you last Sunday. The last hurdle for me was the exact wording. I had the ideas and concepts down, but saying it in a way that everyone could understand it was eluding me. Then an article I was reading really got my attention. Apple, the people who make Macintosh - the computer I use, have made a business out of simple and easy. Simple designs, simple software, simple everything! So what? I just checked and at this moment Apple is worth, $159.64 a share. Simple works. Then Saturday afternoon I finally made contact with a friend of mine who is a pastor on the other coast. As I talked to him about last Sundays sermon he says to me, "Russ, keep it simple". So years of work and prayer brought me to:

Experience God
Enjoy each other
Live the Life
Give back to your world

May not seem like much - but it speaks volumes to me!