I get aggravated with hotels that don't allow me to get on the web. They say they offer the service, then when you try to get on - nothing. The poor guy behind the counter doesn't have a clue what to do except to repeat what he already told you that didn't work in the first place. So I apologize that I haven't delievered on the blogs I promised, but we are home and and I'm getting them ready for you review. GRRR, sorry about the repost. I kant seeem to spel twoday!


Mike Scanlon said…
Hey Pastor,

Sorry to hear that the computer service the hotel offered did not allow you to blog.

I enjoyed tonight's lesson from Max. It really made everyone evaluate where they are in their walk with Jesus. It's hard to decrease to oneself and have Jesus increase. As 2 Cor 5:17 says: we have become new creations in Christ Jesus. Behold old things have passed away, all things have become new. If I could live it the way He wants. I've discovered that the effort IS worth it!