When I study God's Word, sometimes something stands out that just makes me say, you got it - WOW!!! Today it was John 3:17 - 21. I'll let you look it up, but notice that these follow the most famous verse in the Bible. Jesus made a few things very clear here. He came to save the world right now, judgment would come later. But when judgment comes, the difference between those accepted and condemned would be based upon their belief in Him. Belief being more than just an acknowledgment of His existence, but faith, belief in His truth and personal actions to live His teachings or "light" as He called it. Now here comes the WOW part. In verse 21 He specifically says that His followers will be the ones who will seek more and more truth "light". The preceding verses tell us that evil, or those in the "dark" will hate this and despise the truth that reveals their actions as ignorance. Now here it comes. All Jesus had to do was come and do what He did. The truth He spoke and the life He lived would have been enough to tell us that we are doing wrong and need to repent. But He went the "extra mile" on our behalf and He loved us. I've heard people say that it was easy for Jesus to love us. I'm not so sure. If He was tempted in all things as Hebrews says, then I think that some days were harder than others. I know that's true for me? Without Jesus' love the New Testament would have been another law just like the Old one was. But His love made the difference. How does it make a difference for you today?