Whew! It's Done (almost)

I've been working on this blog all week. What I honestly thought would take a few hours - turned into a few hours everyday this week. The (almost) part of my title is due to a few things I cannot do right now. I am waiting on my domain host to create a page to park my redirect. I didn't have a clue what that sentence meant last week. Just use www.russjones.us for right now. Those of you who don't like to use "www", you will be set free in a few days. Something about uploading via FTP to my hosting account a index.html. Whatever.

What is the purpose of this blog? Well life, that's what. Just a few years ago we were able to wait for our information, but that isn't acceptable anymore. Blogging is a great way to share ideas and comments about various events and ministries of the church. To get input about ideas before they become reality. I will share insights into my life, that of my marriage and family. Words of encouragement and lessons about life.

Take the time to research the columns. You can listen to recent sermons, subscribe to this blog via RSS (click on the link, after the page changes, copy and paste the address in your URL into your bookmarks bar. When I add something to the blog, you will be automatically notified.) Books I've read with links to CBD, if you desire to purchase your own copy. Sign up to be on FFWC's weekly email. A blog archive and a favorite links section. Many of these will grow an change in the coming days and weeks. So enjoy, who knows you may want to start a blog of your own - it's free.