Praise God!

I just got this email a little while ago from Laura Helmke, it is posted with her permission.

"I got my results late this afternoon...... I have my appointment with my cardiologist next Wed to go over the results and exactly
what they mean. I was on my way home from work actually and wanted to turn on Mapp Road to tell you what they were, but I was pretty emotional. My doctor in the hospital told Steve and I that I would never EVER get over a 40% Ejection Fraction. He said it would be extremely rare considering I was at 15% in the Hospital. Well I am living proof that having Faith pays EF was at 45% !!!! Triple what it was 3.5 months ago. Normal is 55-70 %. I am just so overwhelmed with emotions and knowing that I have proved medical history wrong. I have to thank you for everything and your support because I couldnt have made it this far without the care and love from FFWC. I truely am blessed, I dont care what the Doctor has to say, I know I am being healed. Praise him , I will worship him everyday and be so ever thankful that he loves me....."


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