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Whew! It's Done (almost)

I've been working on this blog all week. What I honestly thought would take a few hours - turned into a few hours everyday this week. The (almost) part of my title is due to a few things I cannot do right now. I am waiting on my domain host to create a page to park my redirect. I didn't have a clue what that sentence meant last week. Just use for right now. Those of you who don't like to use "www", you will be set free in a few days. Something about uploading via FTP to my hosting account a index.html. Whatever. What is the purpose of this blog? Well life, that's what. Just a few years ago we were able to wait for our information, but that isn't acceptable anymore. Blogging is a great way to share ideas and comments about various events and ministries of the church. To get input about ideas before they become reality. I will share insights into my life, that of my marriage and family. Words of encouragement and lessons about

It's Been Good

Quite honestly this has been one of the best holidays seasons I can remember in some time. Taking time to help others, distribute toys, sing at local nursing homes and spending time with others has been more rewarding than I could imagine. Spending part of our Christmas day with the Scanlons and Taylors was a blessing to us. Christmas Eve some of us stayed here until 2 and 3 in the morning. Just talking and enjoying each others company. Sometimes what a church is and what a church does are two different things. They shouldn't be, but it happens. I thank God everyday that we strive to be what we say we are. I'm going to take a few days off from blogging in order to make some changes. Check back in a few days.

Thank You

I knew something was in the works a few weeks ago, but to be quite honest I was still surprised when it happened. For those of you who don't know, all my daughter wanted for Christmas was a horse. Not a live one! Thank God! But a particular one named Butterscotch. It is a virtual horse that responds to you. When I first saw it I was amazed, then I saw the price and I passed out. I immediately told her that this wasn't going to happen. Each night though she would pray and ask God for that horse. My response was, "Well God is the only one I know of who could do this." By the way, crow doesn't taste good. Well someone heard her prayer and was willing to make a personal sacrifice to see this dream become a reality. I really think this is the stuff that touches God. With the offer came others who were willing to do the same. Last night I watched as my daughter get on Butterscotch and ride it for the first time. You have no idea what this means to Betty a

Christmas Eve Service

We had a wonderful time last night for Christmas Eve. Around 30 people were in attendance. The platform was beautiful! Betty did a great job!! We all hung around for some time (I got to bed around 3 a.m.) and has a great time of fellowship!!

I Think You Will Like This

Praise God!

I just got this email a little while ago from Laura Helmke, it is posted with her permission. "I got my results late this afternoon...... I have my appointment with my cardiologist next Wed to go over the results and exactly what they mean. I was on my way home from work actually and wanted to turn on Mapp Road to tell you what they were, but I was pretty emotional. My doctor in the hospital told Steve and I that I would never EVER get over a 40% Ejection Fraction. He said it would be extremely rare considering I was at 15% in the Hospital. Well I am living proof that having Faith pays EF was at 45% !!!! Triple what it was 3.5 months ago. Normal is 55-70 %. I am just so overwhelmed with emotions and knowing that I have proved medical history wrong. I have to thank you for everything and your support because I couldnt have made it this far without the care and love from FFWC. I truely am blessed, I dont care what the Doctor has to say, I know I am being healed. Prais

Where Am I??

I know that I haven't been blogging in a while, but to be quite honesty I've hit a wall. So I've been taking Blogging 101 for the last few days. (I've been reading up on how to do this better). So I'm preparing to return back into cyberspace with a new set of skills and goals that will actually make this a worthwhile effort for me and you. So thank you for your patience and please check back often.


When I study God's Word, sometimes something stands out that just makes me say, you got it - WOW!!! Today it was John 3:17 - 21. I'll let you look it up, but notice that these follow the most famous verse in the Bible. Jesus made a few things very clear here. He came to save the world right now, judgment would come later. But when judgment comes, the difference between those accepted and condemned would be based upon their belief in Him. Belief being more than just an acknowledgment of His existence, but faith, belief in His truth and personal actions to live His teachings or "light" as He called it. Now here comes the WOW part. In verse 21 He specifically says that His followers will be the ones who will seek more and more truth "light". The preceding verses tell us that evil, or those in the "dark" will hate this and despise the truth that reveals their actions as ignorance. Now here it comes. All Jesus had to do was come and do what H