What Am I Thankful For?

My Top 10 List for this year.

#10 - I am thankful for coffee. I really work hard at not drinking to much of the stuff and most days I don't. But I really love a good cup of coffee.
#9 - I am thankful for people who catch God's vision and perspective about life and ministry. When people can see what I see, it is refreshing and it gives me hope.
#8 - I am thankful for God's comfort. After my dad passed away, God's foundation was the real comfort of my life.
#7 - I am thankful for God's provision. More than money though, he has provided new relationships to replace old ones that moved on.
#6 - I am thankful for the opportunities for me to grow as a person and as a pastor. He has been and is continuing to answer my prayers.
#5 - I am thankful to be pastor of FFWC. It has been 12 years and I still love what I am doing everyday.
#4 - I am thankful for my mom, Helen, who determined to raise me in church and serve God with my life.
#3 - I am thankful for Anneka. Everyday is a new revelation of what God is doing in her. It is just a privelge to watch.
#2 - I am thankful for Betty. She married me nearly 25 years ago. At my best and at my worst her love has never ever waviered.
#1 - I am thankful for the what Jesus has done for me. His hand on my life has been a constant source of hope and life.