It Always Works

The other day Betty, Anneka and I were going to dinner with some friends of ours. They were following us to the restaurant but got caught by a stop light. So Betty walked out to the street to flag them down as they went by. As Anneka and I stood by the car waiting, Anneka shouts, "Mommy, I love you!!" which Betty responded with "Anneka, I love you too!!" Then Anneka turns to me and says, "That always works!"

Yes, it does, doesn't it? Every time you tell God, "I love you", His response will always be, "I love you too." There is no price tag on the value of Bettys and Annekas love. I have nothing that can buy it or replace it. Yet I am amazed how quickly we will trade God's love for some selfish little bobble that in its true value is worthless to the love of God.

I want Anneka to always know that there is nothing we will trade for her love. That she will not be replaced or devalued in anyway. I believe that when children grow up knowing the uncompromised love of their parent(s) then they can understand the uncompromising love of their Heavenly Father.


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