Christmas in July?

As a kid I remember when Christmas started. You know, the day you started hearing Christmas music in the stores, the day that traditionally you put the Christmas tree up, the week when city's would put out their Christmas decorations. For me it was the day after Thanksgiving. But in recent years I've noticed we are celebrating Christmas sooner than that. Stores started putting out decorations before Halloween. I attended my first Christmas concert 2 weeks ago. Wal-Mart started playing Christmas music this week. While Black Friday (the shopping day after Thanksgiving) will still be a nightmare (that's when I quit going over the Roosevelt Bridge until 2008) a recent trip to the mall was already packed with, you guess it, Christmas shoppers. I caught myself starting to whistle Christmas Carols and I even bought a Christmas album this week. So what's the point? We may start hearing Christmas music in October or we may be able to buy our Christmas tree in July. But I have come to the conclusion that you can celebrate Christmas whenever you feel like it. So if you hear someone whistling "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" at the Labor Day picnic. Don't look at them weird, whistle along. You never know when the spirit of Christmas will arrive in your heart.


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