No Greater Love

A week or so ago I was up with Anneka most of the night. She was having some trouble breathing (allergies) and so Betty and I was going to take turns watching her. I took the first shift and picked up a novel entitled "No Greater Love". Now understand I am not a novel reader. In fact I think it has been about 5 years since I read my last novel. As I began to read I got so engrossed in the lead character, Trev, that I lost all track of time. Each chapter was literally a new chapter in Trevs life, going from place to place. The author does an superb job of helping you understand every nuance and situation that Trev finds himself in. In fact you will find yourself reading faster and faster just to see how certain situations pan out in Trevs life. You will also find it interesting that he finds what he really needs in a hospital room at Martin Memorial Hospital here in Stuart. Robert Como does an outstanding job with "No Greater Love". If you like reading novels, then get a copy today. You can purchase one online at Barnes & Nobel or from Bob himself. I would be happy to introduce him and his wife Doreen to you Sunday morning?