Ideal or No Deal

I started a new series of messages on marriage and relationships entitled, Ideal or No Deal. When I choose the title of this series I really knew what I wanted to say and what I wanted to do. Then I prayed about it and God had another idea. Funny thing how prayer can change your mind for you. Hosea and Gomers marriage was one made in heaven. Now if you were not here Sunday, you need to read Hosea chapter 1 and chapter 3 to learn that this isn't what you think that it is.

After service though I was amazed at the number of people who approached me and other leaders with comments, questions and needs relevant in some way to what God shared with us. Thank You! Not only does this confirm to me, in my heart, that this is the right series at the right time - but that God desires to do a work in our marriages and relationships. This Sunday, I'm still praying about it, but I got an idea its going to be really good!