Find a Need and Fill It

I've heard Tommy Barnett say again and again, "Find a Need and Fill It". (If you don't know who he is, google his name) I've believe that for quite some time, but have never really found any success in doing it. Now it wasn't for a lack of passion nor ability - but I have discovered it's in finding the right need.

Discover what God is doing and do it with Him. There are more needs in this world that we can understand or address. God knows what needs to be done right now. It isn't that He is ignoring other needs or situations, it's that He doesn't want us burned out trying to do everything for everybody all the time. Those "other things" that bother you? He probably has someone else taking care of that for Him. Just focus on what God is leading you to do right now.

Whatever your doing, do it for them. Jesus loves people. Don't tell people, "Jesus loves you" if you are not willing to make that love real to them in some kind of relevant way. James Chapter 2 illustrates to us that our faith in Christ should be the motive of our actions. In other words, good deeds that don't come from a heart of faith are nice, but worthless. Why? Some people do good deeds to impress God, He's not impressed. Hebrews says faith pleases God. Some people do good deeds to impress others. Again God isn't impressed. Jesus cautions us in Matthew about that. While I believe in Jesus, my faith in Him isn't of any value until I share it with someone else.

Find a need, don't preach a sermon. You've heard the quote, "Everyones a critic". That's true. But resist temptation when ministering the love of Jesus to others. Love coupled with judgment communicates rejection. "I love you but . . . " No buts about it. Jesus loves you, me and everyone else. If you can do that, then Jesus is made real and they will really want Jesus.