Did It Work?

When I am challenged to rethink God or how He might work in and through my life I always wonder one thing? "Will this work?" I know, I know, it doesn't sound like I have a lot of faith there does it? The truth be known, it isn't. That is why I have to follow the words of Paul and die daily (1 Cor. 15:31) The flesh will never, ever, never, never, ever be able to understand the deeper things of God. God created us with a spirit. We worship Him in Spirit and in Truth! (John 4:23) It is through that faith in our spirit that we discover the reality of God's economy (how He really does things) in our lives. So the question is, did the series on the Power of X - The Power of Gods Multiplication work? Let's see, if giving multiplies God's provision in our lives then the answer is YES! While finances are not where they should be yet, I can see how God miraculously provided for FFWC this month. If grace multiplies Gods presence in our lives, then we can say yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Our services have been kissed with the presence of God! If His calling in our lives multiplies His power, then again the answer is Yes! Testimonies of how God has been healing, ministering and providing for us have been rolling in. We spent the month praying, fasting, tithing and welcoming others to FFWC. While the people you invited didn't come (don't give up yet) I just noticed that I am adding 16 new people to our attendance list for this month. That's right - 16! The biggest jump we have ever experienced here at FFWC since I have been pastor (which will be 12 years this month). You betcha it works!! Let's keep doing it!