Wal Marts new ad slogan

"Always Low Prices, Always" is now, "Save Money, Live Better." Now the fact that I was raised in Rogers, Arkansas, worked at the Wal-Mart home office (during my senior year of high school) and met Sam Walton a few times has nothing to do with this. So don't try reading between the lines on this one. The message is simple. In a time when we the American public didn't believe that retailers were not doing the best that they could do for us, the consumer, a goal became a ad slogan. Wal-mart would always offer you low prices on everyday items that you need. Well times have changed. We want to live better lives now. So we recycle, volunteer, give to charitable organizations, help those who cannot help themselves and protest when human rights are violated. OK, you may not do all those things, but it's not a bad list is it? We go to Wal-Mart because they are suppose to be cheaper, but we can now go to live better!?! True you may have more money to do the things you rather be doing. But a better life cannot come from Wal-Mart (sorry Bentonville). So what's the point of this rant? Whether Bentonville (the home office of Wal-Mart) knows it or not - they have returned to their roots. This is all that Sam wanted to do for people anyway.