Everyone, at one time or another, has been the scapegoat. Someone needed to be blamed whether they deserved it or not. In today's culture we seem to make a career of seeking out people to blame for our own mistakes. We are quick to point the finger, but slow to take the blame.

In Lev. 16 we read about the "scapegoat". It says that on the day of atonement. (The day annually when the nation of Israel repented of their sins) the High Priest would lay his hands on the head of a goat and confess the sins of the nation. It isn't recorded exactly what the priest said, whether he spoke to specific sins or general behavior, it had to be painful. I could imagine him saying, "Lord! Please forgive Frank for cheating on his wife this year!" That's embarrassing. If he said, "Lord! Forgive our king for living out of your will therefore bringing calamity on our land." That's not popular.

I imagine that the people either individually or collectively would at one time or another said, "Ouch!" to the High Priests prayer. But what happens next is what I believe is important. The Bible goes on to say that the goat was then led out into a solitary place where it was never seen or heard from again. The nation of Israel would watch the goat leave - forever. Symbolizing their past sins being taken away from them - forever. That had to feel good!

We can confess of our sins - but without repentance we will always be looking for a scapegoat. Someone else to blame for our weaknesses and sins. Repentance not only takes responsibility for your actions, it does something about your character. It changes you! It makes you better! It gives you God like qualities that being blessing into your life. Stop looking for scapegoats. Repent and be blessed!