If you were in this mornings service, you know that I preached on multiplication. It wasn't hard to see where God was leading us this week. After all our DVD series on Wednesday night and Tommy Barnetts sermon on Friday night (at ACMC) was on multiplication.

There was something that I missed this morning that I wanted to share with you. There is a difference between brokenness and division. Brokenness comes from a heart of humility and surrender. Division comes from a heart of pride. When the disciples gave Jesus the bread and fish it says that he broke it and blessed it. If we want God's blessing, we must be broken. If we want God to multiply His blessings through our lives, we must have His blessing. To many times we think that we are doing a "holy" thing when we determine how things are going to be done around church or home. In our "holiness" we manage to isolate ourselves from our friends and family and cause division in our church or home. The most important questions we should be asking our self is, "Am I broken before God?" and "Is what I am doing being blessed by Him?"