Bridges Falling Down

Watching the chilling video of that bridge in Minneapolis collapse is something I will not forgot for quite some time. I've known a few people over the years who have phobias about going over bridges. So much so that I have had to either purchase medication to get them over it, or drive an hour out of my way to get around it.

The I-35 tragedy led me to not only pray for the people involved. But to also pray for people who are afraid of Jesus. Christ died so that he could bridge the gap between us and His Father. But how many people have you known that were afraid of this bridge. No matter of coaxing could get them to cross over to meet their salvation and eternal life with Christ. Some people are mad at the bridge, saying that it is the cause of all of their problems. Some just ignore the bridge, saying they might cross it some day. There are lots of bridges that promise a better life, but none of them actually make it to the destination that they promise.

I wouldn't even begin to say that I know what those poor people experienced on that bridge. But I can guess the shock and confusion when they realized that this bridge wasn't going to get them to their destination. In a matter of seconds they went from driving to being in trouble. When Jesus returns for His church at the rapture, I think it will be like riding a falling bridge into the river. In a few seconds, the world will change and those who had crossed over will be safe. Everyone else will need rescuing. Which one will you be?


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