When In Rome

Now I'm originally from Arkansas, therefore I can tell you that dancing isn't in our genetic makeup - or anything else for that matter. The whole time growing up I never saw anyone dance. Unless you count that time a snake went up my aunts pant leg (I had nothing to do with it).

So I am at this birthday party the other evening. It was a great party. I had lots of fun, and there was dancing. I'm 43 years old and I cannot remember (or even know of a time) when I was that close to dancing. Everyone was having so much fun, they kept stopping by my table and saying, "Come on pastor!", trying to entice me out on the dance floor.

Now I'm always comparing life's experiences to the Word of God. Particularly to the life of Jesus. You know, WWJD? All I could think of was Jesus' first miracle. The wedding party in Cana where He turned water into wine. Did Jesus dance? Maybe, after all they did dance at these kind of occasions. Then I wondered, did Jesus get zits? Did he go through a klutzy stage as a teenager (mine has something to do with a 2x4 and a 6 foot deep ditch). Did he have trouble finding sandals that fit Him? (I wear a 7 B with a AA heel). Chances are, yes to all of the above. When we see Mary, His Mom, telling the servants to do whatever Jesus asks of them, they may have had to wait until he was finished dancing. Who knows?

So what did I do? I hit the dance floor. Oh, it was just of a couple of minutes with my wife and daughter, but everyone seemed to have noticed. So when I left my famed debut on the dance floor I wondered? Do I feel more like Jesus or did Jesus feel more like me? Either way - we're normal!