What a Summer!

I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know that I'm exhausted. Really! No, don't feel sorry for me - that wasn't the point of my statement. There is so much that God is doing in my life and through my life that I can honestly say - WOW! Betty too! While she is my companion on all my trips and such - God is doing things in her life that are just amazing.

Something else about this summer that I have noticed? I believe that God is setting us (the church) up for something terrific this fall and winter. This whole summer has been about laying a foundation to do something great for the Kingdom of God. Why would I say this? Some God given opportunities have come our way to reach into our community. The church leadership has been coming under some heavy attacks from hell. Satan has tried to distract this church from it's God given goal with depression and discouragement. And we're not at full speed yet!

So what am I going to do about my exhaustion? Gone fishin! For a few hours tomorrow at least. I've got to get back to finish my sermon, I'm really, really excited about it!