What A Day!

Today Betty and I had a wonderful lunch with some friends of ours. There in the restaurant we started to share with each other what God has been doing in our lives. I have no idea how long we were there, but our waitress had gone home and most of the restaurant was empty.

As the conversation went on, we allowed God to be glorified as we expressed our frustrations, our dreams and our dilemmas. Here's the great thing about it. Nobody was griping, nobody was gossiping and nobody was complaining. Honesty among Christians should be a healing salve on the wounds of life. Loving one another, sharing each others burdens and ministering to each other in the Holy Spirit can give great hope in the midst of lifes battles.

When we finished, we prayed. We took our time and we really prayed. When I left the restaurant, I felt better, I was renewed in Christ and I loved it. Here is something that God showed me. This experience is suppose to be normal among Christians. I didn't describe something that just happens among pastors or ministers. This is something that each of us should have happening in our lives consistently. It's what Jesus did with the disciples. It's what they did with their followers and it should be what we do among ourselves.

Find someone today, and bless them in some way. It's worth it!