That's Just Depressing

For my friends "up north", there is something you have to understand. July in Florida is depressing. I'm not talking regular cloudy, I'm just feeling a little blue today depressing. I'm talking full blown, jump off a bridge and get it over with depression. Why do I say this? Well in the the 18 years that I've been pastoring, I know for a fact that I counsel more people with suicidal thoughts during this time of the year. The other reason I know this is because, I get depressed.

Why does this happen? I really don't know. Yes it's hot. I mean fry an egg on your forehead hot. It's slow. The snowbirds are all up north. It rains. You can almost set your watch to it. Some people say, "Go to Disney or SeaWorld". Nah, to hot. Others say, "Go to the beach!" In 20 minutes you will look like a lobster. You know what it is? We're bored! Yup, that's it! Here in the land of Mickey and Shamu, with wide open beaches, an miles and miles of road to drive we are bored. Go figure!

Now I have a theory about depression and boredom. Depression + Boredom = Stooopid! Does the heat just fry all the common sense out of our brains? It seems that when the devil gets us to give up we find something to do. Well, we were bored and it seems to make sense. The problem is what we do is usually something we sincerely regret later. So for those of you who are reading this entry and contemplating doing something stupid. Call your local pastor and ask him to give you something to do. Now read this carefully. If he seems a little hesitant and confused, just give him a few moments to recover from the shock and ask again. Go find some hot homeless people and give them some cool water in Jesus name. Do something for Jesus, not for stupid!

By the way, why am I writing this entry into my blog? I'm Bored!


Russ Jones said…
Funny, right after I posted this entry, I found this link at It's entitled 12 depression busters. go to