How Embarrassing

The phones at church are dying. I mean, day by day it's just getting worse. Some of you who know me know that I will not just go out and buy anything for any price. So I've been looking, but the right deal just hasn't presented itself yet.

I'm at one of the local office supply stores and I'm looking. After checking if anything is on sale I decided to look for the clearance section. There I find something that my wife is looking for. A collapsable cart. It is blue. If I were you, I would remember this.

I show it to my wife, who is just excited about this great find - so she takes it to the front desk to find out how much it is. I am left there with Anneka in the kids education aisle, there she is reading Dora. As I am waiting for my wife to return the general manger of the store walks by and begins to talk to Anneka and I. We had a pleasant conversation, in fact I was rather impressed that he would talk to us for such an extended time.

A few minutes later my wife returns and looks at me as if I had just grew a second head. I say, "What?" She says, "What did you touch?" I say, "What are you talking about?" She says, "You have blue all over you." I look down at my hands and sure enough, they were blue, my shirt was blue (is use to be red) and my arms were blue. I immediately go to the bathroom. My nose is blue, my mustache is blue, my chin is blue, my lips are blue. If anyone had walked by that bathroom that would have literally heard my screams of anguish. Those screams were nothing compared to my wailing when it dawned on me why the general manager was so intrigued with me.

No we didn't buy the cart. Yes, I left the store immediately. No I will not be back there for quite some time.

And what spiritual truth did I learn from it? Nothing. Go ahead and laugh, my wife sure did.